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Steve Dyson

Steve held a number of senior executive positions in both general management and consulting. He has acted as a Managing Director for businesses in Australia, Sweden, and the UK and has been a senior advisor with both PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG.

Steve's experience covers a wide range of disciplines including, technology, manufacturing, retail, construction, transport, and utilities. He has worked with businesses ranging from start-up to over £1billion in turnover. In recent years Steve has been heavily involved in working with businesses that need to undergo extensive change and restructuring.

In 1999 Steve spearheaded the development and start-up of the UK's national online music repository and secured backing from all the major record companies. In 2000 he was appointed as interim Group Managing Director of a Venture Capital owned global printing company. He helped grow the company's turnover and was able to bring the business back into profitability.

Steve holds a BCOM from James Cook University, an MBA from Keele University, and has also completed the Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School.