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Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes FCCA, 48, has an impressive track record in venture development in accountancy practice for a broad range of corporate and private clients in the City of London.

Moving to the securities industry, from 1992 -1998 he was a senior officer at the Tradepoint Stock Exchange. Joining the founding team initially as Company Secretary, he was subsequently appointed Chief Financial Officer in 1994 and to the board in 1995.

Paul helped Tradepoint prepare for formal recognition by the UK authorities as an Investment Exchange and then for their subsequent service launch. He held operational responsibility for finance and administration, technical services and clearing/settlement of the exchange. As CFO he held key responsibilities in both capital-raising activities and for the Company's public listings in Canada and the UK.

Qualifying in accountancy in 1977, he undertook auditing, accounting and taxation work in the City of London before moving into executive responsibility (finance) with MAM plc, a leading UK based international leisure and entertainment group. Paul is a Registered Auditor in the UK.

In 1991 he co-founded and was Finance Director of the independent public access telecommunications company UK Telecom PLC, which was subsequently acquired by a UK listed telecommunications group. In 2001 he co-founded Beach Street Limited, an independent corporate finance firm that is regulated by the Financial Services Group.