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Lucrum specialises in providing workers and investment for companies that have gone through their initial start-up phase and are looking to raise money and recruit for expansion and accelerated growth.

We complement Venture Capitalists and Angel Groups because we mitigate the risks involved in financing the recruitment of sales and marketing talent. Simply put, a company with great potential is often reliant on the founder to recruit senior executives to take the business forward. The founder may not have the relevant experience to do this and a mistake in this area can see the majority of funds raised from early-stage investors wasted.

Lucrum comprises a team of experienced commercial and financial executives that have track records in running companies. As our case studies show, we operate across a diverse range of business sectors, from food production to Internet management reporting. We invest people and money in enterprises where we feel we can add value and where we consider the potential exists to generate returns for our shareholders.

Once we have agreed terms with a company we are totally committed and our executives work directly for that company. Our partners have the comfort of knowing that Lucrum executives are directly accountable to them and indirectly accountable to the Lucrum Board.